Submission Guidelines

We are now offering advances for select books and authors with an established platform!


Vinspire Publishing is only open to submissions in the following categories.:


Please note that submissions outside the genres listed below will not be considered.



Any other submissions will be deleted unread. 


Please know that we do not allow extreme violence, any profanity, or open-door sex in our books.  


We understand that violence may be necessary to further plot lines, and we do accept a reasonable amount as long as it is not gratuitous or nauseating. If you have any questions about what is or isn't allowed, please contact us before submitting.  


Word count should be between 35,000-95,000 based upon the detailed guidelines linked above. We cannot make exceptions for word count so please double check before submitting your work. 


To submit your work to Vinspire Publishing, please send a detailed query in the body of an email  which should include the following:



Please attach your polished, completed manuscript in rtf formaly only to Your manuscript should include a header on each page with the title of your work and your name. The pages should be numbered, and your work should be double-spaced with chapters and scene breaks clearly identified. 


Please note that we will not consider query letters that are attached to the e-mail. They must be inside the body of the e-mail.