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A Passage Back

by Chuck Walsh


Chase Watson is frustrated with life and the fact that middle age has hit him right between the eyes. Most importantly, he’s overwhelmed by the loss of his mother. Distraught after her funeral, he drives to the Little League ball field in the neighborhood where he grew up, looking for solace. It’s the one place that symbolized youth, happiness, and care free times.


A freak accident renders him unconscious, and when he awakens, he is stunned to see his mother kneeling over him. Dazed and confused, he looks around and sees his Little League teammates standing around him. He's dressed in his Little League uniform, certain he’s in a crazy dream.


Or is he?


However he got back to his childhood, Chase relishes each fresh moment he gets to spend with his mother while wrestling with choices that could affect the future. Should he prevent his best friend from attending a camping trip which ultimately ended his life? If he can help his dad overcome his battle with alcohol, what will his life look like when he returns?


The decisions aren’t easy ones, and eventually, Chase will have to return to his present time. But how much will the future change if he makes the wrong choices?  






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