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Information for Authors

If you've signed a contract with Vinspire Publishing, this page is for you. Here you'll see what happens after you sign your contract, the steps that will be taken to move your book into publication, and what you can expect from us. You can also see some of what we do to promote your book and where your book will be sold. 

After You've Signed a Contract...

Shortly after signing your contract, you'll receive a cover art form, a book description form, payment and tax information form, and other forms necessary for us to begin working on your book.  You'll be provided with pre-edit guidelines which you'll need to follow. Upon completion, you'll send the pre-edited manuscript back to us where it will go in the queue for editor assignment.

You'll also be given the opportunity to provide a dedication for your book as well as any acknowledgements, author notes, and reviews/testimonials you have already received for your title. The timeline for providing this information will be included on the "Required Information" page which will be sent to you.

What You Can Expect from Us

Steps to Publication Once We Receive Your Pre-edited Manuscript

  • Your book will go in the queue for editor assignement.

  • An editor will be assigned no later than six months beffore your book's release date unless your book is being slotted in to an open spot on our schedule. In that instance, the editor assignment might be three months or sooner. There will be a six-week turnaround time for edits. 

  • All author peripherals should be submitted on or before completion of the final round of edits. 

  • You will receive a final pdf copy of your manuscript to review before it is sent to the formatter.

  • Upon receipt of your cover art form, it will be sent to either our cover designer or our illustrator, depending on the type of cover we intend to utilize.

You want a publisher that will help you promote your work, one that will look for innovative ways to showcase both you and your work, and one that will work as hard as you do to let the world know about your book. That's why Vinpire Publishing has a dedicated marketing plan it implements for all of its titles. Here are some of the ways we promote your book:


  • We announce the book's release on our social media pages.

  • We work one on one with bookstores to arrange book purchases, book signings, and more. 

  • Every book is uploaded to NetGalley.

  • All of our book deals are announced on Publisher's Marketplace.

  • All of our titles are submitted to our foreign rights agencies at their request.  

  • We create and submit press releases for your work.

  • We include your news and reviews in our newsletter.

  • We create custom-made graphics, including quote graphics and review graphics for our authors to use as well as a Facebook header. 

  • We send out catalogs to libraries, museums, and many other places where your book will be a fit.

  • We work with international bookstores to encourage book purchases. 

  • We send bookmarks, postcards, and book plates to libraries around the USA that highlight each of our books.


That's just a small sample of what we do for our titles. There is so much more, and we share our strategies with our authors via our author group. There is always something going on behind the scenes and offline as well as online. If we offer a contract on your book, you can believe we're going to promote it! 

Where Will Your Book Be Available? 


The more places your book is available, the more chances you have for sales. We are constantly looking  for ways to reach your reading audience. At present, our books are available through the following retailers/distributors:


  • Amazon

  • Barnes and Noble

  • Kobo

  • Google Play

  • Overdrive

  • Smashwords

  • iTunes

  • Gardners


Our audiobooks are available at:


  • Amazon

  • Audible

  • iTunes


Our print books are available at:


  • Amazon

  • Barnes and Noble

  • Ingram

  • Baker & Taylor


  • In the US through various retailers

  • Local libraries

  • In the UK through various retailers including Gardners, Bertrams, Book Depository, Ltd, and Paperback Shop, Ltd.

  • In Australia through various retailers including Booktopia and The Nile



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