by Nolan Carlson


A crumbling tombstone…a life cut too short…and a grave best left undisturbed


Taking care of an abandoned cemetery isn’t everyone’s idea of summer fun, but for John Riley, it means money in his pocket and plenty of time for baseball and his girlfriend. Admittedly, it’s a little boring…until he discovers a crumbling tombstone outside of the cemetery fence. Though his instincts tell him to leave it alone, John wants to learn more about the sixteen-year-old girl who died in 1925.


His obsession grows as the days pass. He’s spending more time with the grave than he is his girlfriend, but he can’t walk away. And when he hears flirtatious laughter coming from beneath the soil, he’s enchanted.


When a ghost takes the shape of a lovely young girl, John is drawn to her. She connects to his soul, and he can’t imagine not loving her. But he doesn’t recognize the evil beneath the possessive, beguiling creature who claims to love him in return.