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Virginia Brackett


Virginia Brackett has published dozens of articles, blog entries and stories for all ages, and her 15 books that include a biography series for YAs have been cited by the New York Public Library, the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, the American Library Association, and Booklist (Editor’s Choice, Reference Sources, 2008).


Tom Strelich wrote in the New York Journal of Books of her memoir focusing on her father’s death in the Korean Conflict, In the Company of Patriots (2019): “The book is an absorbing hybrid: a classical drama crossed with an archeological dig, only instead of pottery shards, burial mounds, and stone tools, it uses scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, letters, emails, and family lore to reveal a multi-generational personal history linking the past to the present.”


Wolf Moon Murders was born following her sister’s death and Brackett’s subsequent surgery from brilliant, sometimes disturbing, dreams. When not working on her Time Slips novels, she guides veterans to write their stories and also serves as a docent at her local zoo. She lives in Kansas City with her husband, close to their children and grandchildren. (

Books by Virginia Brackett

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