Ethnic Romance Guidelines

Word count: 50,000-95,000


We are looking for a diverse range of characters and settings. These stories can be any time period within our already established guidelines as well as any setting and may include romantic suspense, historical romance, inspirational romance, or mystery.


These stories should be third-person POV only and may include the villain's point of view for added drama in romantic suspense or mystery. Additional points of view may be included in separate scenes. We do not accept multiple points of view in one scene.  


We are not looking for graphic violence, explicit sexual scenes, or extreme language. Though physical and emotional attraction is welcome, all love scenes must be closed door. 


All stories should have a Happy Ever After ending. 


To give you a hint on the type of stories we're looking for, check out movies like The Joy Luck Club, Something New, All About You, The Bodyguard, Save the Last Dance, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Love Jones.  


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