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For the Love of Dogs

by Suzanne Woods Fisher


Samantha Christiansen is a young woman who is capable, confident, good at her job of managing the family's olive oil ranch...and is going blind. Gently pushed by her family to get a guide dog, Samantha is partnered with Azure, a yellow lab with infinite patience. She and Azure are assigned to Jack Shaw, an instructor known for bringing out the best in his students...even those with absolutely no experience with dogs, like Samantha.


Jack understands how difficult it can be to trust the unseen. A former professional football player, he lost everything-his career and his family-through a costly mistake. He is determined to make the rest of his life count for something and knows he can help Samantha, if only she'll let him.


Fiercely independent, Samantha is reluctant to depend on anyone or anything, even a guide dog that is trained to enhance her independence. While at the guide dog school, she is faced with discovering a new way of seeing: trusting in what, or whom, she cannot see.


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