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Heels & Souls

by JK Bovi


A young couple accidently toss out a pair of dancing shoes and inadvertently disturb a ghost. This unfortunate incident puts the ghost, Julia, in a repetitious cycle of searching for her shoes every Saturday night at seven o'clock.


Julia begins stealing all unattended white shoes and collects them on the front steps of the old Savannah Social Club where in 1942. It was there that she was run over by a bus while trying to cross the street on her way meet a handsome young solider for a night of dancing.


A local root doctor insists Julia’s shoes must be found to solve the problem. But when the shoes are located, more turmoil erupts. With her dancing shoes on, Julia needs another dancing partner so she’s kidnapping military personnel to find the perfect one.


Now the only solution is to raise up the dead solder Julia was supposed to meet in the forties. Then everything can go back to normal in Savannah. Except that it doesn’t. Who knew raising one soldier could cause so much pandemonium?



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