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Historical Romance Guidelines

Word count: 70,000-95,000


Time period: Before 1950


Though we are open to Highlander and Regency romances, we would love to see different time periods or stories set around major events like the sinking of the Titanic, the passing of Prohibition, or the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I.  Overall, we are looking for well-written, historical stories that accurately depict the time period and make us get lost in this history. We are not looking for history books, though, so the history should be woven within the storyline. 


These stories should be third-person POV only and may be told from multiple points of view as long as each point of view is separated by a scene. No multiple points of view should be in one scene.  


Any setting is welcome as long as it is clear that it has been well-researched. 


We are not looking for graphic violence, explicit sexual scenes, or extreme language. Though physical and emotional attraction is welcome, all love scenes must be closed door. 


The hero and the heroine must act according to the time period of the story, but creative license is allowed as long as it is explained and feasible. 


All stories should have a Happy Ever After ending. 


To give you a hint on the type of stories we're looking for, check out movies like North and South (with Richard Armitage), Titanic, Sense & Sensibility, and Casablanca. 


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