I See God on the Narrow Road

by Shirley Kiger Connolly


What kind of influence do you have on people today? Are you staying on the path God's ordered for you yet? Sometimes it's too easy to make decisions you think will be right only to discover later how wrong you were.


And every man did that which was right in his own eyes from Judges 21:25 speaks to any who've done their own thing, in spite of what God may have guided through the counsel of His Word. Has that ever been you?


We're responsible for the actions we take, for the choices we make each day. We can sadly lose our core vision when we open ourselves up to passageways that lead us astray from our focus.


I See God on the Narrow Road gives the reader an opportunity to draw attention to the character of her or his life - to discover through personal choices and experiences how a single decision can become a positive or negative influence on not just one but many. The standards we set for ourselves make a difference. Do you know what kind of persuasion you have on people today who are on the same narrow path you are on?


ISBN: 978-0981989679

Released: 12-15-2010