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In Nick's Arms
by Tess Manning
Restless and haunted by memories on the anniversary of her husband's death, Caitlin Michaels accepts a singing gig at a club miles from home where she meets Nick. The heady combination of drinks, dancing, and his perfect sea-green eyes give impulsive behavior a whole new meaning, and she puts herself in a most embarrassing situation.
Nick Bentley is running from his own demons-mainly an ex-wife who doesn't know what it means to be an ex. So when he meets the club singer, CJ, he's all too willing to enjoy a night without any strings, but when her inhibitions return suddenly, he lets her slip away without asking too many questions.

ays later, Nick comes face to face with CJ again, only this time, she's a mom, able businesswoman, and temporary overseer of a century-old farmhouse that he just purchased. Turns out, they're going to be neighbors, and Nick is feeling real friendly. But there are things Nick can't know about her marriage, things that are bound to drive him away.


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