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Into the Mist

by Judith Ingram


Sometimes destiny waits in someone else's mirror. 


Time traveler Victoria Ashton has assumed the identity of Katherine Kamarov and adapted to her 1890s life in rural California. She has sidestepped the fallout of Katherine's indiscretions and with her gentle personality won the hearts of Katherine's family, particularly that of her cousin Michael. Yet despite her deepening love for Michael—or because of it—she's sent him away, knowing she cannot promise him the future he seeks with her.


But Victoria's greatest challenges still lie ahead of her. In this third book of the series, she is forced to find resources within herself to defend her family, her property, and even her life against sinister plots. Her heart balances on a knife's edge as she loves and protects her family all the while knowing that her year of exchange will end with the first new moon of spring. Then, unexpectedly, Michael walks back into her life, tipping the knife and forcing her to question whether she can be strong enough to give him up a second time.


Meanwhile, Katherine has been living a parallel year of exchange in Victoria's life, married to the handsome but remote Ryan Ashton. Emotionally damaged by her past, Katherine is nevertheless drawn to Ryan, and against his own better judgment, Ryan falls for the seductive woman his wife has become. But escaping into Victoria's life only forces Katherine to confront her true self and ultimately to consider whether she can become a woman worthy of Ryan's love.


Unable to escape the approach of the new spring moon, both women face the threat of being returned to their own times, and each must decide for herself how to live each moment, how to hold on to what matters most, and how to let go for love's sake.




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