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by Felicia Bridges


Grace Holder has spent seventeen years held captive by fear but longing to seize life with the zeal of her best friend, Jessica. When Jessica returns from a mission trip to Kenya and challenges Grace to fully trust God, Grace must prove to her friend, and to herself, that she can overcome fear and live by faith.


She sets out to experience all the excitement her friend described by following in her footsteps to serve in Mombasa but discovers there is more to fear than her imagination conjured. The harsh realities of living in poverty jeopardize her faith, and her own prejudices threaten to undermine the work. Meanwhile, her heart is torn between falling for the mysterious medical student, Erasto, and keeping her usual safe distance from a risky relationship.


When her new friend is hospitalized in the midst of a medical strike, Grace and Erasto must pitch in to care for those in need. And  just when she is most vulnerable, news from home leaves her broken and hopeless.


Can she climb out of the pit of fear and learn to trust God even when life doesn’t make sense?

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