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Making Christmas Magic

by Rachel Carrington


Sometimes, Christmas magic comes in mysterious ways.

Ainsley Beck is dedicated to the orphanage she runs and the twelve kids that are her responsibility. Sure, the house could use a lot of repairs, but it’s hers. That is, she believes it is until a handsome doctor arrives at her doorstep three days before Christmas to tell her that he’s just inherited the property…and it’s in foreclosure.


In spite of his intentions when he arrived in the small town of Broadway, after meeting Ainsley, Nick Riordan isn’t in any hurry to evict her. After all, it is Christmas. And his sudden change of heart has nothing to do with the immediate attraction he feels for her.


When a greedy lawyer throws a wrench into Nick’s plans and devastates Ainsley, he has to come up with a fallback plan to get Ainsley to trust him again before he loses much more than real estate.


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