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Middle Grade Guidelines

Word count: 35,000-60,000


We're looking for adventurous novels that kids in middle school (ages 11-14) would love to read. We are not looking for romance in this category. We will consider contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy. 


We are especially interested in stories that address social issues these pre-teens and early teens face today. We'd love to see unique story lines that challenge the imagination as well as stories set in the middle school environment that deal with learning challenges. We'd also love to see stories that involve physically challenged children.  


We will not consider stories that contain graphic violence, sexual situations, descriptions of bodily functions, gross or crude humor, or profanity.  

To give you a hint on the type of stories we're looking for, check out movies and television shows like Wonder, Anne of Green Gables, E.T., Little House on the Prairie, and The Jungle Book. 

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