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Martin Nuza


Martin is an award winning writer/producer who has been involved in the media and entertainment film industry for thirty years. Martin has a string of International feature films and TV documentaries under his belt. He has written over twenty five feature screenplays, including the award winning "Snatched: The Unforgettable Cruise" which won Martin the top Award at the "Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards" for "Best Feature Screenplay". He is also a published author, having written his first novel in 2002 "Promises: The Mason Ordeal" his second in 2007 "Promises: Emily's Harrowing Story" and his third in 2022 "Snatched: The Unforgettable Cruise"  


He is the recipient of the 2020 "Best Producer" award from the Onrios Film Festival in Italy, the 2020 "Best Producer" award from the "Vegas Movie Awards" Film Festival in Las Vegas, both awarded for producing "The Woods Encounters", the 2022 Award of Prestige for "Best Editing" from the "Vegas Movie Award" Film Festival for his feature documentary "Operation Tracer: A British Trojan Horse in Occupied Gibraltar", and the 2022 "Best Director" outstanding achievement award from the "Tagore International Film Festival."

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Books by Martin Nuza

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