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Plain Truth

by Susan Lantz Simpson


When items go missing from the bakery where KatieAnn Mast whips up her special treats, evidence points to her as the thief. All will be forgiven if she confesses before her Persimmon Creek Amish community and promises to mend her ways. But KatieAnn is not guilty, and she refuses to kneel in confession to a crime she did not commit. Wouldn’t lying be as bad as stealing?

To avoid shunning, KatieAnn travels to the Southern Maryland Amish community where her older sister, Rebecca, lives with her husband and six children. As the holidays approach, KatieAnn is helping out at the family's community store and developing a romance with Luke Troyer when items go missing from the store.


How will KatieAnn clear her name before she is branded a thief by yet another community? And will she be shunned before she can convince others of the truth? 


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