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Spirit of Christmas

A Holiday Anthology

Making Christmas Magic by Rachel Carrington


Ainsley Beck is dedicated to the orphanage she runs and the twelve kids that are her responsibility. Sure, the house could use a lot of repairs, but it’s hers. That is, she believes it is until a handsome doctor arrives at her doorstep three days before Christmas to tell her that he’s inherited the property…and it’s in foreclosure. But Noah seems more determined to help her keep the house…and him.


Take a Right at the Mistletoe by Barbara Brutt


Matilda bakes confections for the holiday tourists in Vienna while dreaming of going to culinary school. Dylan comes to Vienna to from a career-upending mistake and to unearth new inspiration. But when he nitpicks Matilda's marzipan, she hears fighting words. They strike a deal: he'll taste test and she'll show him around Vienna. With each new pastry experiment and Viennese adventure, their relationship sweetens, but distance and separate dreams may keep this couple from finding anything more.


Remember Me at Christmas by Debra Curwen


Christmas inspired Andi open her own Christmas workshop. Andi's Antiques is now a thriving business, and she sees a long future ahead. But she hadn't counted on Mike who wields his charm like a weapon or his determination to buy out her business. She isn’t selling, but falling in love, well, that may be a different story.


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