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Our Family Friendly Policy

We want stories that can be told without extreme violence, profanity, drug use or references to drug use, smoking by minors, the use of alcohol by minors, or sensuality or sex.  Keep reading for further clarification.

In certain story lines, we understand that some violence may be necessary to further plot lines, and we do accept a reasonable amount as long as it is not gratuitous or too graphic. 

We do not allow the use of gross or crude humor, which includes bodily functions, nor do we allow euphemisms for profanity or body parts.  

Story lines that involve drug use are allowed as long as the scenes are not explicit and are glorified as a way of life. We do not want to read a descriptive process on taking an illicit drug. 

We are a smoke-free publisher and prefer that all of our books exclude smoking. However, we will allow it as long as it is not done by a main character. No smoking by anyone under the age of eighteen is allowed. 

Though we allow alcohol in our stories, we will not consider "partying" story lines where the main characters are continually drunk or drink to excess. 

Though physical and emotional attraction is welcome in all our romances, all love scenes must be closed door and can only take place between married couples. Physical intimacy before marriage should be limited, with the focus on the emotional connection. 

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