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Colleen Marie


Colleen Marie grew up writing stories and dreaming of one day sharing them with the world. She is an MFA student (’24) in Creative Writing and a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers. Her stories inspire readers to see their unique beauty and
intrinsic worth.

A great love of animals and teaching led her to a career as a chemical life scientist and science educator. She founded Spirit of Love, an animal-assisted learning and wellness program promoting life-long learning and wellness through the human-animal bond. Animals weave their way into her tales, bringing a sense of the natural world with the fictional.


Colleen Marie lives in a small town in Northern Maryland with her husband, three children, and crew of lovable animal friends. When she’s not writing, you can find her teaching biology at a local university, enjoying family hikes through the woods, and traveling to find the
most amazing homemade ice cream 

Visit her website at and follow along with her adventures on Instagram @colleenmariewrites.

Books by Colleen Marie


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