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Janis Susan May


Like the legendary Auntie Mame, Janis Susan May believes in trying a bit of everything. She has been an advertising executive, a casting director, a banker, a tour guide, an actress, an opera singer, a country music columnist, editor-in-chief of two multi-magazine publishing groups, supervisor of accessioning for a bio-genetic testing laboratory, and photographer. In her younger days, she tried her hand at being a pilot and a race car driver. She has had a nightclub act, done film and television make-up, headed a parapsychological research team, and just finished the narration on an audio book—one she didn’t write!


Additionally, Janis Susan recently retired as editor of the Newsletter of the North Texas Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt, a periodical she founded over twelve years ago that, until recently, was recognized as the only monthly publication for the ARCE in the entire world.Janis Susan May loves to travel, speaks several languages, and is always up for an adventure.


She recently married for the first time, becoming an instant grandmother in the process, and is trying something she has never done before—being a full time housewife.You may visit Janis Susan on the web at


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