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Renee Yancy


Renee Yancy been living vicariously through historical fiction since she was a young girl. Her mother used to call her the “walking encyclopedia,” and it wasn’t unusual for Renee to come home with fifteen books to read in a week.

In her teens, she discovered Anya Seton and Pearl Buck and voraciously read every novel in their repertoire. She is an archaeology buff as well, and her goal in writing her stories is to be as historically and archaeologically accurate as possible.

She has traveled to England, Scotland, and Ireland, as well as New York City and Hyde Park New, York to visit the sites where her characters have lived. Her hope as you read her stories is that you would be caught up in another world and forget where you are!

She loves to interact with readers. You can find out more about Renee and download a free Gilded Age novella on her website, Follow her on Twitter @YancyRenee and Facebook at


Books by Renee Yancy

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