Submission Guidelines

We are currently closed to ALL SUBMISSIONS. We will post a notice here once we reopen! 

Authors, please note we do not take manuscript pitches via telephone or regular mail, and we regret we cannot answer any questions related to publishing, editing, or finding an agent. All submissions must come through a literary agent. 

With the exception of our current authors and open submission calls, Vinspire Publishing is open to agented submissions only. We do, occasionally, take pitches at various conferences and have one day per year where we accept unagented submissions. We will announce the call on the front page of our website as well as through social media.


We only work with established agents that adhere to the Association of Authors' Representatives Canon of Ethics. If you charge your clients a reading fee or any fees up front, we will be unable to consider your client's work. 


Agents, to submit your client's work to Vinspire Publishing, please send a detailed query in the body of an email which should include the following:

  • a brief biography which details the author's publishing credits, if any, their social networks and credentials that establish them as an author invested in their career, i.e., a member of writing communities, reading groups, and any writing-related awards or recognitions;

  • at least two paragraphs, but no more than three paragraphs, about the book;

  • the word count, whether or not the book is part of a series, and the genre of the book.

Please attach the polished, completed manuscript and include Agented Submission in the subject line when sending your email. Please make sure your client has read and agreed to our family-friendly statement

Word count should be between 35,000-95,000 based upon the detailed guidelines linked above. We cannot make exceptions for word count.