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Teagan's Teasure

Book 1—The Emerald Isle University Series

by Colleen Marie

Teagan O’Reilly has one goal upon graduation – to be accepted into Emerald Isle University’s Science Research Internship and spend the summer in Ireland competing for a spot in the university’s coveted research program. When her acceptance letter finally arrives, Teagan is more determined than ever to win a spot into the program. She's prepared for everything until she learns her partner is none other than Finn Connolly, her first love and the boy who broke her heart.


Past feelings reignite as Teagan and Finn travel to Brigid's Crossing in the small town of Cloverdale, Ireland, to begin their internship. Their research project quickly comes to life on the Kavanaghs' horse farm, bringing new life to the farm and Teagan's dreams.


Teagan soon discovers that the farm is in financial trouble, jeopardizing her meticulously planned research, and needs a miracle to be saved. The rolling hills of the Irish countryside are hiding a secret, and the answer may lie in the legendary tale of the missing Kildare Emerald. When a plot to steal the emerald from the Kavanaghs' land is uncovered, the safety of farm and the chance at the research position lies in the balance.


As time begins to run out, Teagan is torn between winning the research position and helping the Kavanaghs save the farm. Teagan is forced to decide where her heart lies, but will her choice make her lose everything she's always dreamed of, or will she gain more than she ever imagined?

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