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by Christine Bailey


Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what you've had all along.


AJ is stuck inside a video game with little to no memory of how he landed there. All he knows is that every time he does something right in this strange new world, it earns him currency to get to the next level.


Along the way, he meets fellow gamer Clem, who’s as clever and sharp-witted as they come—and a pretty good partner. Together, the two navigate magical worlds that often overlap, bringing the duo closer to the big prize, which Clem thinks is a million dollars.


As more and more gamers join the quest, the harder it is for the duo to edge to the top.  Trying to survive their new reality, they fight off deplorable characters including a giant, slime-oozing bug, an old woman cloaked in evil, and three questionable boy-beasts.


It's here in these alternate worlds that AJ finally figures out what’s been eating away at him for months. And in the end, he finds that the real prize is way better than a million bucks.  

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