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An Unexpected Gift

by Diane Craver

EMT Jenna Zimmerman is happily married to handsome Eli but she feels crushed after having two miscarriages, especially since her birth mother has gotten pregnant after having cancer. But living with Eli’s parents, specifically his mother, makes Jenna’s life stressful, which is most likely contributing to her inability to carry a baby to term.

When Jenna gets called to a severe buggy accident, she helps to transport an Amish teenager, Isabella, and her fiancé, Justin, to the hospital. Isabella is a few weeks pregnant, and they’ve managed to keep the secret to themselves while waiting to get married in a couple of weeks. When Justin dies from his injuries, Isabella tells Jenna her strict parents will kick her out of the house once they inevitably discover her pregnancy.  


Isabella is part of the conservative Swartzentruber Amish community where strict laws abide. And there’s no way her parents will allow her to keep the baby. So she asks Jenna and Eli to adopt her child. But Isabella’s parents are furious when they learn of their daughter’s pregnancy and the potential adoption. They won’t allow their grandchild to be adopted by parents that belong to the Old Order Amish, a more liberal sect. They demand that Isabella’s child, even if it will not be in their home, be raised under the tenets of the Swartzentruber community.


Jenna fears her dreams of having a child with her husband may be out of her reach once again. As much as she trusts God is faithful in all things, she doesn’t understand why she can’t have a child. And if she can’t adopt Isabella’s baby, and she can’t get pregnant on her own, she’ll never be a mother. Jenna strives to accept what might never be while still clinging to hope.

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