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Just Jake

by Jaimie Engle


Amber Gibson, Entrepreneur

Life is perfect. Amber runs Pops Place, a popular downtown Colorado Springs diner and a staple her parents passed down upon retirement. She also teaches music to underprivileged kids at The Music Center, where they put on a concert during Octoberfest at the Mining Museum each year. Amber’s happy with life just the way it is. Until her ex-boyfriend Jake comes back on the scene.

Jake Collins, Superstar

Life is perfect. Jake’s a country music sensation discovered on TikTok by manager Marvin Banks. With fawning fans, cash in his pockets, and travelling on tour, Jake’s got it all. Except for the passion to write his next hit. He’s not feeling it anymore and can’t figure out what’s missing. Jake’s sent back home, where he runs into high school sweetheart, Amber Gibson.

Like most second-chance romances, the prospects don’t look promising for Amber and Jake’s reunion tour. But then, he connects with her newest student, Joaquin, a boy with Jake’s same musical talents and abusive father. As Jake’s falling in love with her students, Amber’s falling back in love with him.

He never stopped loving her…but his proposal may not be the one she’s expecting.

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