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The Linfield Ladies

by Alissa Baxter

The Linfield Ladies Series is a set of Regency romances featuring three young women with uncommon occupations who fall in love with men who embrace their unusual ways... at least eventually.

Cassandra Linfield has a passion for geology and lives in Lyme Regis, where she collects fossils and finds joy in walking along the beach with her spinster friends. Her cousin, Harriet Linfield is a lady novelist who aims to follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen while running an asylum for orphaned young girls. Georgiana, Harriet's younger sister, is a lady biologist with a particular interest in butterflies who plans to make her mark in the field of natural history.  


The ladies fall in love with gentlemen who are at first challenged and then intrigued by them. However, the path to true love never runs smoothly, and Cassandra, Harriet, and Georgiana must overcome numerous obstacles before they find their heart's true desire.

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