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The Pocket Quilt Trilogy

Laurie Stroup Smith


Loved by teens and grandmothers alike, The Pocket Quilt Series by Laurie Stroup Smith is now available in one volume. The set contains three heartwarming stories centered around faith, hope, and forgiveness.


Discover the special role the treasured pocket quilts play in each sweet story as Smith’s realistic and relatable characters travel between Holmes County, Ohio, and Pinecraft, Florida. Each book can each be read as a standalone but will be more enjoyable when read in sequence.


Pockets of Promise - A young Amish woman, torn between two worlds and two men, receives wisdom and guidance from secret letters tucked inside a special quilt.

Pockets of Purpose - Surgical complications leave an Amish auctioneer searching for purpose as a young Amish woman longs for his love.


Pockets of Peace - an unmarried Amish woman yearns for acceptance, love, and peace when the truth surrounding an unexpected pregnancy comes to light.

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