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7 Riddles to Nowhere

A Devotional Walk with Forgiveness

Along the Shore

A Month of Tomorrows


A Pair of Wings

A Passage Back

A Portal in Time

A Purrfect Love

Austyn's Awesome Zombie Dirtbike Race

Becky's Kiss

Before-Jared's Story


Beyond Cabin Fourteen

Billowing Sails


Borrowed Promises

Bridge to the Past

Broken Vows

Copper Fire

Copper Star

Counting with Ranger


Dancing to an Irish Reel

Danny and the Dustbunnies

Dark Music

Dead Man's Fingers

Dead on the Money

Dragon's Truth

Echoes in the Dark

El Tiburon

Embracing the Rain

Forget Me Not




For the Love of Dogs

Genius Summer

Girl in the Middle

Grit for the Oyster


Healer Series

Heels & Souls

In Mysterious Ways

In Nick's Arms

Into the Mist

I See God in Many Places

I See God in the Simple Things

I See God in the Thorns ~n~ Thistles

I see God on the Narrow Road


Kindred Spirits

Ladies of Class

Laird of the Game

Love Letter: A Restless Spirits Novella

Love's Sweet Sorrow

Making Christmas Magic


Miss Morrison's Second Chance

Mixed Nuts

More Highlanders

Mystery Mayhem

On the Edge

On the Winds of Love

Penned in Time

Peyton's Candy Cane Adventure

Peyton's Purple Pumpkin Hiphop Party

Plainly Maryland

Plain Discovery

Plain Haven

Plain Truth

Playing by Heart

Pockets of Promise

Rebekah's Dress

Rebekah's Quilt

Remember Me at Christmas

Restless Spirits

Rumors Among the Heather

Ryland's Rocking Rousing Rebel Rumble

Santa's Lost Putter


Shards of Light

Signs in the Dark

Spirit of Christmas Anthology

Take a Right at the Mistletoe

Tatum's Magical Twinkling Tangerine Dust

The Broken One

The Broken Road to Nowhere

The Copper Series

The Distant Shore

The Earl's Lady Geologist

The English Mysteries

The Letter Project

The Moonseed Trilogy

The Mystery of the Golden Ball

The Mystery of the Painted Book

The Passenger

The Path Taken

The Poison Pen

The Rainbow with Dull Colors

The Remarkable Housewives of the Bible

The Test of Gold

The Thorn Bearer

The Thorn Healer

The Thorn Keeper

Thirty Days Late

To Catch a Hummingbird

Turning in Circles

Waking Under Water

When My Grandma Sings

Zombies Y'all 

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